Our ethical principles

We want our store to not only bring joy to our customers but to benefit everyone we do business with. Because we import dresses and fabrics from countries where fairtrade and good working conditions are not implied, we try whenever we can to work directly with the makers without the help of any “middle men”. Where there is a group of craftsmen and not a single one, we do our best to thoroughly examine if the working conditions of everyone involved align with our idea of dignified working conditions. We try to get good prices for our customers, but we also make sure to pay the women (and sometimes men) who provide us with the amazing materials we work with. We do not believe in harsh bargaining.

Female skill - the luxury of the future



In Bhutan we usually buy fabrics from women who make them using traditional techniques either at home or at the stall where they sell them. We do our best to buy from more women and not favour just one. We pick the fabrics primarily by quality, beauty and price but we also try to buy from as many local women as possible.

We also support a local women’s monastery in Bhutan, Kila Gompa.






In India we have our dresses made in a small workshop in Delhi which is run by a mother and a daughter who only sew for a few smaller fashion brands in a nice environment with the help of several tens of seamstresses. In Udaipur we buy vintage clothing from several local families who have been in this kind of business for several generations. We make sure to buy from all the families and not favour only one. Most of them have no certificates and are not submitted to any auditing because they are too small. However, we do our best to choose carefully who we buy our products from. We believe that what you wear makes you a lot happier when it was made with joy.






In Tanzania we buy fabrics, most often at the famous market in Dar es Salaam or in local shops we come across during our journeys. We pick fabrics made in local factories or in the neighbouring Congo (which is famous for the quality of its fabrics). It is a sad fact that there are many cheap fabrics with added polyester imported from East Africa and China which gradually destroys the local factories. We do not buy Chinese fabrics.




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