Our story

The Ecstatic Fashion project grew from the friendship of two women - Lilia Khousnoudtinova and Ilona Bittnerova who shared (more than) their love of beauty, travel and high-quality fabrics, and original ideas. Together they founded Ecstatic s.r.o. and created several projects which offer original services and merchandise. They try to go by the “we offer what we would like to buy ourselves” rule and follow the principles of ethical business. They express their love of exotic places on our planet through several non-profit projects in the communities they trade with.



Lilia Khousnoutdinova is a publicist, fashion designer, traveller (with the soul of a revolutionary) deeply in love with Bhutan, who organizes trips there and has helped with several projects in the sector of development and charity. You can learn more here.

Ilona Bittnerova is an exhibition curator, photographer, traveller and and an enthusiastic organizer of Africa-themed fashion shows and events. She likes visiting Tanzania as a guide and for exploration trips with her friends and daughter.


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